2015 Shanghai Smartphone Customer Satisfaction Survey Results Released: Huawei Takes Top Spot, Apple Follows Second

by Martin 1

The Shanghai Bureau of Quality Supervision has released the results of their 2015 Shanghai Smartphone Customer Satisfaction Survey which pits 19 different smartphone manufacturer brands against each other in a survey to see which one stands on top in Shanghai which comprises 90% of China’s market share.

The survey, which involved over ten thousand participants, found that consumers are more concerned with product quality and service quality over the price of the device and, in terms of service quality, customers prefer vendors that either disclose repair and maintenance costs or remove them altogether and distrust vendors who fail to disclose such information.

The survey also found that smartphone failure rates are up to 37.5%, which is higher than the 2012 level with failures, and that issues stem from the following, from most to least: screen/display (blank, leakage, etc.), functions (interface failure), battery (short standby time, can’t be charged), and stability (fails to boot, crashes often).

Lastly, the results of the survey reveal that the top ten brands in terms of overall customer satisfaction are: Huawei, Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Coolpad, Lenovo, Meizu, Sony, Nokia, and HTC. The results show that Chinese manufacturers have begun catching up and even overtaking Apple and Samsung in terms of customer satisfaction.