Lenovo-owned ZUK Is Already Working on Next-Generation Flagship

by Martin 2

It’s only been a few months since Lenovo sub-brand ZUK released their first smartphone, the ZUK Z1, which was a reasonably priced smartphone at 1799 Yuan with a large battery and hefty internal storage at 4100mAh and 64GB, respectively. But it looks like the company is already working on its next flagship, the ZUK Z2, for a release early next year.

zuk-z2-teased-01According to the company’s co-founder, the ZUK Z1 felt like it was missing a few key features and was too similar in appearance or feeling to other flagships like the iPhone 6. So the company wants to release another device that is truly distinctive, which will be the ZUK Z2.

The ZUK Z2, according to the ZUK co-founder, will be specially designed and will definitely be different but will also be more expensive. As a teaser, he revealed that it will feature the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor but did not give any more details about the rest of the device’s configuration.

zuk-z2-teased-02As previously mentioned, the ZUK Z2 is expected to be released sometime in January of next year which is also when the Snadpdragon 820 is expected to start showing up in more devices as it will be already widely distributed to manufacturers by that time.

We’re excited to see what ZUK plans for the Z2 as the Z1 did feel a little bit lackluster for the company’s first device. Hopefully the company is able to pull all the stops and release a truly impressive device next year.