Upcoming LeTV Flagship Might Be First Snapdragon 820-powered Smartphone

by Martin 2

As we’ve previously reported, LeTV is scheduled to hold a conference on the 27th of this month to unveil at least two flagship smartphones including what the company is calling a “super phone”. And it looks like at least one of the new flagships may feature the Snapdragon 820 which may make it the first smartphone to feature the new processor.

A picture was posted on the LeTV HK Facebook page showing a pair of hands holding a transparent smartphone with a square in the middle that had the numbers 820 written on it. The picture was accompanied with the caption “Extreme… Starting from 820!” which obviously implies that the new device will be powered by the Snapdragon 820 processor from Qualcomm.

People have been wondering which brand would be the first to feature the new Snapdragon 820 processor in one of their devices and it looks like LeTV may win that race. Although, even if LeTV does unveil a new flagship smartphone that runs on the Snapdragon 820, there’s a big chance that the device won’t be released until early next year which is when the new processor is expected to be widely distributed to manufacturers.

We’ll just have to wait for LeTV’s event on October 27 to see what their Snapdragon 820-powered device will be and what the rest of its specifications look like.