Elephone Teases New Mystery Device

by Martin 4

Elephone has published an image to tease a new mystery device, something that the company does not usually do.

elephone-ironman-mysterydevice-tease-01The image shows the side of the popular character Iron Man’s face, the front and rear of an unknown device, and the words “New Mysterious Elephone”. If the device in the picture is the mystery smartphone the company is teasing, it looks like it will feature a 2.5D arc curved glass display and a rear cover that looks like a cross of the Meizu MX5 and an iPhone 6S.

As for the reason for using Iron Man’s face, the new mystery device may feature an all-metal body or at least a metal back cover. Other companies have used Iron Man to tease their smartphones’ all-metal body designs before.

Elephone does not usually tease unknown devices as it is more common for them to proudly announce the name and specifications of an upcoming device long before they launch it. So this makes this teaser doubly intriguing and exciting. We’ll have to wait for Elephone to release more information to find out more about this unknown device.

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