DOOGEE Unveils T6 With Huge 6250mAh Battery

by Martin 0

Battery life is one of the biggest concerns most consumers have when purchasing a smartphone with most flagship smartphones these days only having a standby battery life of only one or two days making it almost compulsory to bring a power bank. So DOOGEE has decided alleviate this problem and help people say goodbye to their power banks by unveiling a new smartphone called the T6 that’s equipped with a gigantic battery as its main feature.

doogee-t6-battery-unveil-01The T6 comes with a humongous 6250mAh battery which is almost double the battery capacity of other flagship smartphones. According to DOOGEE, the battery of the T6 gives it a battery life of up to 101 hours which is way more than double the battery life of competing devices. But even with its huge battery, the T6 doesn’t skimp on its design aesthetics as the device only measures 9.9mm in thickness which keeps it slim in spite of its large battery.

doogee-t6-battery-unveil-02To complement the large battery, the T6 also supports 2A quick charging as well as reverse-charging features making the device capable of not only charging really quickly but also charging other devices which actually removes the need for a power bank for your other devices.

The rest of the DOOGEE T6’s specifications as well as its price and release date have yet to be announced but that information should be made public very soon. We look forward to seeing the rest of the new device’s specifications as well as its price to see how well it matches up to other smartphones that feature large batteries as well as other flagships.