Bluboo Puts Xtouch Flagship Through Drop Test

by Martin 0

Chinese manufacturer Blueboo has put its upcoming Xtouch flagship through a series of drop tests to show off its “U Type” Suspended Screen technology.

According to Bluboo, there are several factors that contribute to the possibility of a smartphone screen breaking or not breaking when it is dropped from a height including the glass hardness, the angle of the fall, the hardness of the ground the smartphone is dropped on, and, most importantly, the technology behind and construction between the display glass and phone body as the shock the body receives when dropped can be transmitted to the glass and lead to it breaking.

To remedy this, some manufacturers have used a “V Type” design on their display glass and body which acts as a buffer for the display and reduce the impact the border has on the display glass when the smartphone is dropped. Bluboo has decided to come with their own “U Type” design that they’ve adopted on the Xtouch which the company claims acts as a better buffer and provides better security for the display from drops.

Aside from the “U Type” Suspended Screen design, the Xtouch also features Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection for its display and a CNC Metal Frame to help protect it from damage. In the drop test video, the Xtouch is dropped from several heights including 1.2 meters, 1.5 meters and 1.7 meters which the device is able to endure and comes out relatively unscathed and the display undamaged.

The Bluboo Xtouch is currently available for pre-sale at a price of $179.99 and is expected to ship sometime in the second half of November.