Siber Systems Gives Away One Year of RoboForm Password Manager

by Martin 0

Cyber security is one of the most important aspects of the modern connected person’s life and proper and secure password management is a very big part of it. So for the last week of the National Cyber Security Awareness Month, Siber Systems is giving away a one-year license to new users of their RoboForm password management software, and 20% off for renewing users.

roboform-ncsam-free-license-01“Hacking and identity theft cost companies and consumers hundreds of billions of dollars every year,” said Bill Carey, Siber Systems VP of Marketing. “The use of strong passwords for every site significantly reduces vulnerability, but it’s difficult for the average consumer to remember dozens of complex passwords. RoboForm is the ideal solution since it allows users to use strong passwords for each website, while only having to remember one master password. We believe everyone should be using a password manager, and now users can try it for a whole year at no cost. This gift is our way of observing Cyber Security Awareness Month.”

From October 26 to 31, interested users can go to the promotional page on the RoboForm website at and get their one-year RoboForm Everywhere license for free. The license will give them access to automated password management across devices including PCs, Macs, smartphones, tablets, and USB drives, which will help users log in to sites securely with just one click.

RoboForm can also generate secure passwords for individual sites while the user only needs to remember one master password to access all those sites. Users can also easily access all their favorite websites using RoboForm’s bookmark-style login interface. Lastly, the RoboForm features password and device syncing, multifactor authentication, and a one-click form filler function.