Bluboo Reveals 3D Printed Xtouch Back Covers, New Xtouch Variant Unveiled

by Martin 0

Bluboo has revealed that the back covers of its upcoming Xtouch flagship smartphone were actually 3D printed. The company published a video on their YouTube channel showing off the flexibility and durability of their 3D printed back covers.

bluboo-xtouch-backcover-01According to the company, with the popularity and advanced development of 3D printing, the company has decided to 3D print the back covers of the Xtouch to both reduce the difficulty of creating the part as well as to improve the production efficiency when compared to traditional manufacturing methods. After 3D printing the back covers, the company adds a nano composite film to the shell to form the diamond cut design and mirror effect on the back covers. Additionally, the company has also unveiled a new and upgraded white version of its Xtouch flagship which will feature a new CNC metal frame.

bluboo-xtouch-backcover-02The Bluboo Xtouch is now available for pre-order at a pre-sale price of only $149.99 but, according to the company, those who purchases the device during the pre-order period will get a chance to get the phone at only $99 instead of its full retail price.