Meizu Meets 20 Million Sales Goal, Claims Better Design and Quality Than Xiaomi

by Martin 0

Back when Meizu announced their latest Blue Charm smartphone series, the company revealed that their smartphone sales target for 2015 was 20 million units and it looks like Meizu has achieved that goal with one month left in the year according to the company’s vice president, Li Nan, during a talk with TechCrunch during this year’s annual Innovation Summit earlier this week.

meizu-20m-sales-01According to Li Nan, in spite of the drop in smartphone sales in China back in the second quarter of 2015 (according to a German market research company report) Meizu sales grew by 540 percent in the first half of the year and another 85 percent during the third quarter of this year. The company was also able to establish its new product series layout which includes its PRO line, MX line, and new Charm Blue line.

The Meizu vice president also mentioned, when asked about Xiaomi, that Meizu’s design and quality are superior to those of their competitor. Li Nan claims that while users used to be only concerned with low-cost smartphones with no focus on design and quality, the continued growth of China’s economy which in turn has increased the income of users have helped improve their taste and appreciation of design and quality.

Lastly, Li Nan stated that their company’s ongoing relationship with e-commerce company Ali Baba have helped users experience better products and services via the company’s big data and Internet services.