Vivo Teases X6 Flagship Smartphone

by Martin 1

It’s been awhile since Vivo made a big announcement but it looks like they’re getting ready to make one real soon as the company has teased their upcoming annual flagship, the Vivo X6, today.

vivo-x6-teased-01The company teased the X6 on their official Weibo account today showing off two gold boxes with one featuring the letters “X6” engraved on the cover. The photo came with the caption, ”Guess what is behind the gift box? X6 & More.”, revealing that there might be more than one variant or version of the upcoming X6 flagship. It could be possible that the X6 will come in a standard and a larger “plus” version which is one of the current trends in smartphone design.

vivo-x6-teased-02Additionally, the company also made another post saying, “Stable and smooth (fast), life and safety”, pointing out four of the current pain points of the smartphone user experience and stating that it is their goal to deal with those issues and they have achieved a breakthrough with the X6. So we can speculate that the X6 may feature a powerful processor and features that improve the user experience and safety or privacy.


No specifications or exact features were revealed by the company so we’ll just have to wait for them to either reveal more information, make an official announcement, or wait for details to leak online which is what usually happens whenever a new smartphone nears its unveiling, launch, or release.