Xiaomi Releasing New Bracelet With New Heart Rate Monitor

by Martin 0

It looks like there was a purpose behind Xiaomi lowering the price of their Mi Band to 69 Yuan as a reliable source has revealed that the company plans to release a new bracelet soon called the Mi Band 1S.

xiaomi-mi-band-1s-release-01According to the source, the Mi Band 1S will feature a similar design to the original Mi Band but will be slightly bigger due to it housing a larger sensor which features a new optical heart rate sensor. The new heart rate monitor is the new bracelet’s biggest feature. According to rumors, the new sensor is able to detect the user’s heart rate while awake and while asleep.

The rest of its feature will be similar to the original Mi Band which include a step counter or pedometer, a calorie counter, a sleep monitor, alarm, phone unlocker, call alert, and more. With the new heart rate monitor, the battery life of the Mi Band 1S is expected to be less than the original Mi Band but should still be around two weeks long.

xiaomi-mi-band-1s-release-02As for pricing, the Mi Band 1S will take the previous price spot of the original Mi Band at 99 Yuan, keeping Xiaomi’s fitness bracelet pricing below 100 Yuan and making the Band 1S the cheapest fitness bracelet with a heart rate monitor. Xiaomi plans to release the Mi Band 1S later this week on November 7 but the new product should start showing up on the Xiaomi official website, Lynx, Jingdong, and other online stores on November 11.

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