Coolicool Launches Awesome 11.11 Global Shopping Festival

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Today might be the best time to grab that gadget you’ve been wanting as Coolicool has launched its “Awesome 11.11 Global Shopping Festival” which puts a ton of gadgets on sale in addition to a slew of great deals that are only available today.

coolicool-awesome1111-globalshoppingfestival-01First off, the company has made four main deals available to customers which gives them a discount for spending a certain amount on a specific device category. Those who spend at least $59 on smartwatches will get $3 off their total bill, sports camera buyers who spend at least $99 will get $5 off, spending $199 on smartphones will get you $10 off, and spending $299 on any of the products in the store will net you $15 off your total.

Coolicool does have a few rules for its four main deals. While the first three deals (smartwatch, sports camera, and smartphones) can be used together in any combination, the last deal (all products) can only be used alone. Additionally, Coolicool is also giving those who spend at least $349 will get a $50 coupon that the company will mail at a later date.

Secondly, the company has $11.11 Super Deals which will let users buy certain gadgets including smartphones and earphones at only $11.11 each if you purchase the minimum number of units. You’ll be able to get the DOOGEE X5 for only $11.11 when you get at least 5 units or the BLUBOO XFire for the same price for purchasing at least 2 units.

Third and lastly, the Coolicool is also holding 50% Off Flash Deals for a select gadgets but with the same requirement as their $11.11 Super Deals. The Cubot X17 will be available at 50% off bringing its price down to only $99.99 if you purchase at least five units. The UMI Emax Mini is also available at 50% off if you purchase at least 4 units.

Additionally, the items included in Coolicool’s $11.11 Super Deals and the 50% Off Flash Deals cannot be used for the four aforementioned main deals but the company has a whole slew of gadgets at discounted prices that can get you further savings with the four main deals.

As previously mentioned, the Awesome 11.11 Global Shopping Festival and its deals are only available until today so it would be a good idea to already look for items you’d want and which deals you plan to avail of.

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