UMI and Elephone Are at Each Other’s Throats With New Campaigns

by Martin 0

Smartphone manufacturers usually leave the debating, bickering, and comparing competing smartphones to their fans but it looks like Chinese manufacturers UMI and Elephone are taking things into their own hands with their latest campaigns that are meant to attack each other.

umi-elephone-fight-01It all started when UMI launched a campaign a few days ago for its UMI Iron Pro called “Smash Elephone P8000” where the company asked people to make and post a video of them destroying their Elephone P8000 units for a chance to win a free UMI Iron Pro or a 50% off discount for it.

umi-elephone-fight-02A few days after UMI started its campaign, Elephone responded by asking people to share an image displaying several complaints about UMI’s phones and negative reactions to UMI’s campaign. Those who share the post will get a chance to win a free Elephone P8000.

We don’t know if UMI still plans to fire back or react to Elephone’s response to their “Smash Elephone P8000” campaign. We’ll just have to wait and see if things will escalate further between the two companies.