Cubot X16 Features More Powerful, Accurate GPS System

by Martin 1

Cubot’s latest mid-range smartphone, the X16, comes with quite the number of interesting and impressive features for a device in its price range of around $160 including special built-in gestures and functions, its remarkable build quality, and, according to Cubot, a more powerful and accurate GPS sytsem.

cubot-x16-gps-01Cubot has detailed some of the notable features of the X16’s GPS system. First off, the whole top of the X16’s full metal frame acts as the device’s GPS antenna increasing its power and reliability over devices that use plastic frames and internal antennas.

According to Cubot, while the GPS system on the X16 takes about a minute to warm up, it is able to search for a location in less than 12 seconds once it has. Even able to search for locations accurately while the device’s data connection is turned off unlike other devices.

cubot-x16-gps-02Cubot also compared the GPS on the X16 with the one on the Meizu MAX 5 and while the signal quality on the MAX 5 showed 6 stars, the X16 showed double at 12 stars. The X16 was also able to pinpoint locations more accurately and precisely up to a point while the MAX 5 was only able to point out locations up to a certain radius.