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Xiaomi and Huawei Top 11/11 Smartphone Sales

by Martin 2

Huawei and Xiaomi continue their dominance in the Chinese smartphone market topping the sales rankings in today’s flurry of 11/11 sales.


According to the report, Huawei lead the rankings in Gross Merchandise Volume while Apple and Xioami were placed second and third, respectively. Additionally, Meizu and QiKU were ranked fourth and fifth. In terms of total units sold, Xiaomi took first place and Huawei took second while Meizu sat at third and Apple and QiKU were ranked fourth and fifth, respectively.

As for the top ten devices sold, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 took the top spot with the Huawei Honor Play 5X and the Meizu Metal ranking second and third, respectively. Fourth to tenth place are taken by the Redmi 2A Enhanced Edition, iPhone 6S, Huawei Honor Play 4C, Meizu M2, Xiaomi Mi 4c, iPhone 6, and the Huawei Honor 7i, respectively.

Chinese smartphones, particularly Xiaomi and Huawei have dominated the Chinese smartphone market in the past year with Huawei even able to stretch its dominance in the global stage ranking third in recent reports just behind Apple and Samsung and today’s rankings for 11/11 just proves once again the companies’ popularity.


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  • tiktaktik

    What about letv le 1s? I thought it was supposed to be the best value for money out there.

  • tiktaktik

    And 1 thing i dont get is huwaei do not have that much of a bang for buck phone comparing to xiaomi,meizu,letv… But they always come in the top.? Its because of their brand popularity? Or after sales? Or software support