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Elephone’s design house never seem to be standing still for too long, we see constant new models and product lines being turned out by the Shenzhen based phone maker.

Today we received images for a new Elephone QQ concept phone, production of the phone has not yet been confirmed, not much is known about the hardware specifications, we also do not know which consumer group Elephone would aim the Elephone QQ concept phone at, however what the images do show is a new styling direction from Elephone.

I am not quite sure what too make of it, its certainly very different to their standard designs and has a certain futuristic charm, but I think it could do with a bit more finessing and fettling before being launched as a finished product.

The design is a very bold statement and looks futuristic, but it does look a little plasticky when compared to their other current and future phones, this could be down to it being a design concept that has not been finished in the final choice of materials or to the quality that a released product would be, either way the design will most likely cause much debate, as they say in England its very much a Marmite thing (you will either love it or hate it).

Is this a phone that Elephone should consider putting in to full production? what do you think? would you like to own a phone like this? perhaps Elephone will listen to constructive feedback  on the Elephone QQ concept phone and we can help to mould its future.

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Regards Shanos

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