OPPO’s Upcoming Smartphone Looks Like The iPhone 6 Plus ?

by Suhaib 0

OPPO, the brand credited with manufacturing some of the world’s best smartphones is back in the news with a bang. A new smartphone from is about to come from the company and you won’t believe how similar it looks to iPhone 6 Plus. Photos of the back panel of a new Oppo smartphone was leaked on the micro blogging website Weibo.

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Below is an image of iPhone 6 Plus’s back. You can see how similar the leaked phone in the picture looks as compared to the iPhone 6 Plus shown below.

iPhone 6 Plus


Both iPhone 6 Plus and the leaked back panel of purported Oppo smartphone features the stunningly similar design. A white strip runs along the width of the smartphones both at top and bottom. The Oppo branding is at the same place where the Apple logo is.


As it is evident from the photos, both the smartphones have similar design not only on the back panel but down on the bottom side. The speaker grill at the right end , USB in between and a 3.5 mm earphone jack at the far left are placed amazingly at the same place on both the smartphones. What is more surprising is that camera openings on both the devices are at the exact same position. The only visible difference is the placement of the flash. On iPhone it is just right to the camera whereas flash opening is just below the camera opening on the Oppo back panel. Other than that there is no difference in the design of these phones.

Though the leak does not mention anything about the specifications of the smartphone. Apart from similar design it will be interesting to see what more Oppo has copied from iPhone 6 in terms of specifications and other features and will be worth the wait.

So, is OPPO going with the same strategy as HTC did with its HTC One A9 flagship?

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