The UMI Iron Pro Helps You Monitor Your Health

by Martin 0

The UMI Iron Pro, the upgraded and higher-end version of the company’s flagship Iron smartphone has been one of this month’s most anticipated devices from a Chinese manufacturer with its slew of high-end features and specifications.

umi-iron-pro-health-features-01One of the Iron Pro’s most notable features is its health monitor which helps users monitor both their heart rate and stress levels. The sensor for the heart rate and stress monitor is found on the front size of the device, on the left side of the front-facing camera.

To use the monitor, the Iron Pro comes with a proprietary app called U-Health. After opening the app, users will need to choose between the “Heart Rate” or “Stress” function. Once a function has been chose, users will need to place their finger on the sensor for the app to take the reading.

The reading will require the user to sit or stand still and keep quiet to prevent inaccurate results. Readings usually take between 10 to 15 seconds and will display the results as well as the current date and time once the reading is done.

The results of the Heart Rate and Stress readings are saved on the app which helps users keep track of their health so they may take appropriate measures which is quite important for people with health problems.

The UMI Iron Pro is currently available for pre-sale at a price of $179.99. It is schedule to start shipping by the end of the month.