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Leaked Huawei Smartphone To Compete With Redmi Note 3?

by Suhaib 3

Just a day ahead of the official unveiling of Huawei’s flagship smartphone Mate 8 a new device from Huawei’s co-brand Honor has leaked online.  A new smartphone under the codename Huawei ABC-UL00 has appeared on the benchmarking website GFXbench, which is believed to be Honor 5X Plus, next in line in Honor series of smartphones.

Honor 5X Plus sports a decent spec sheet and is expected to take on Redmi Note 3 which was launched yesterday.

Honor 5x Leak

Above is the 3D Graphics Performance Results of the purported Honor 5X Plus. Based on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop, Honor 5X Plus will flaunt a 5.2 inches display with 1080p resolution. Under the hood it is packing a Huawei made octa core HiSilicon Kirin 935 processor clocking 2.2 GHz coupled with 3 GB of RAM.

Honor 5X Plus comes equipped with Mali-T624 GPU for amazing graphic performance. The internal storage capacity on this smartphone is 64 GB.  As for cameras, Honor 5X Plus comes with 13 MP rear camera capable of recording 1080p videos and an 8 MP front facing camera also capable of recording 1080p videos. 

The Honor 5X Plus comes with a hoard of usual connectivity features like NFC, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth among other, nothing new that we have not seen earlier. Information about the sensors that it will come with can also be seen in the benchmark results.

With these specifications it is speculated that Honor 5X Plus will be taking on Redmi Note 3 which comes with more or less similar set of specifications. So it will be interesting to see what happens when this smartphone comes out officially.
We expect to see the phone pretty soon, sometime in December. But Huawei is yet to officially reveal any event for its release.

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  • Freeje

    The “Plus” is because of a better CPU and not a bigger screen like Xiaomi’s?

  • tiktaktik

    Huwaei phones are never cheap nor overpriced. But somehow they manages the top spot in china… I wonder how do they do that when good companies like xiaomi meizu letv give good specs device at far cheaper price than huwaei..

  • wolvie

    My own opinion is Nowaday 5.5″ is the best size for phablet, because it can cater the need of both phone and tablet function in 1 device and still can put inside your pocket. That is why they call it a PHABLET (Phone and Tablet)

    6″ probably to big but still acceptable, but 5″ definitely is too small to use as tablet.
    7″ or bigger is not called a phablet anymore but a tablet,

    For me and i believe a lot of average salary people outside (sorry, i am not talking about those rich peoples who can afford $800 – $2000 kind of money on gadget), comfortable price for a good phablet is between $100 – $200.

    As for Huawei, their price is just simply TOO EXPENSIVE compare to their other china competitor that also manufacture good gadget but much lesser price (Ie: Xiaomi, Umi, OnePlus, etc). If i got those kind of money then i might as well spend on APPLE that well known to sell their product at very high price.

    Again the above is my own opinion, i don’t mean to flame anybody, etc,