Uhans U100 and U200 Come With Genuine Cowhide Leather

by Martin 0

It looks like there’s been skepticism on whether the U100 and U200 flagship devices from Uhans really use genuine cowhide leather and the company has responded by revealing details on the leather used for the U100 and U200.

uhans-real-leather-01According to the company, the leather used for the U100 and U200 is genuine leather although it isn’t the more popular, and more expensive, top leather. Instead, the company decided to use the cheaper second layer of the cowhide leather to balance its quality and affordability. The company has also cut the leather thinner to around 0.8mm to be able to cut down the final price of the products.

uhans-real-leather-02Uhans demonstrated the authenticity of their leather by conducting a burn test using the leather for the U100 and U200 and comparing it with PU leather. The test showed that Uhans’ leather burnt very differently to the PU leather which shows and proves the authenticity of the leather. Even if Uhans uses a slightly lower quality leather on their U100 and U200 it is still real cowhide leather.

uhans-real-leather-03 uhans-real-leather-04 uhans-real-leather-05 uhans-real-leather-06