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Mi Pad 2 Spotted On Antutu, Scores Above 85K

by Suhaib 4

Mi Pad 2, Xiaomi’s recently released tablet was widely appreciated and comes with a very decent specifications. The variant running Android OS priced at 999 Yuan surfaced on Antutu benchmark database and easily scores above 85K. Mi Pad 2 scores 85,101 on Antutu and lags behind just Huawei Mate 8 scoring 92746 and Meizu Pro scoring 85652.

Mi Pad 2 comes with a 7.9 inch display sporting a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels and comes equipped with Quad core Intel Atom X5-Z8500 processor along with 2 GB RAM.

mi pad 2 benchmark-01 mi pad 2 benchmark-02

The above scores indicate that Mi Pad 2 will deliver a snappy, fast and flawless performance. Although, real world performance may differ but these scores reveals the power packed performance Mi Pad 2 is bound to deliver.

It can be ascertained by the gaming performance of Mi Pad 2. It was easily able to play heavy duty graphic intensive games like League of Legends and Counter Strike Go flawlessly and buttery smooth. It is a big achievement for Mi Pad 2 with Intel Atom processor and just 2 GB of RAM. You can check out the gaming performance of Mi Pad 2 while playing Counter Strike and League of Legends on micro-blogging website Weibo posted by a user.

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  • Max312

    Stunning!!!! Excellent work from Xiaomi..!!! just for 999yuan!

  • tiktaktik

    Thats awesome. I thought mipad2 is actually not an upgrade over mipad…

    • חתול תעלול

      it’s not so simple… In terms of GPU performance the MiPad 2 is actually a step backwards from the original MiPad, the first gen with Tegra K1 was able to achive some 320 Gflops while the HD Graphics on the second gen. can go up to ‘only’ about 110 Gflops. However in CPU performance the MiPad 2 takes over the MiPad 1.

  • חתול תעלול

    That’s a shame… give it a bump to 8.9 inches and 4 GB of RAM and i’ll purchase one for sure.. Mi Pad 2 Pro, Mi Pad 2S or something…