Meizu HD50 : A Remarkable Headset At 399 Yuan

by Suhaib 0

Meizu forayed into the smartphone accessories segment with the launch of it’s new headset HD50 carrying a price tag of 399 Yuan. Meizu HD50 is truly remarkable of sorts and will provide awesome listening experience with its state of the art audio quality which will make music and movies more fun.

The build quality of this headset HD50 is best among the current crop of headsets with a metallic body, and ear pads with a special padding imported from Japan. In short, all materials used in HD50 are of top notch quality.

Meizu HD50 is available in Silver and Black color tone. It offers an impedance of 32 ohms. It comes equipped with a three-button remote control and offers a distortion less than 0.5%.

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