Kingzone K2 and N5 Smartphones Feature HOTKNOT Wireless Transmission and Smart Wake-up Functions

by Martin 1

Smartphone manufacturers are always trying to find ways to make their devices stand out against a sea of devices that most of the time feature similar specifications. In the case of Kingzone, the company has decided to focus on phone-to-phone data transfer and user convenience to differentiate its K2 and N5 smartphones from the market’s other offerings.

kingzone-hotknot-smartwakeup-01The phone-to-phone data transfer feature Kingzone has implemented on the K2 and N5 is called HOTKNOT which is a data transfer feature similar to NFC but based on Wi-Fi Direct which is more powerful than conventional NFC and Bluetooth. HOTKNOT is able to transfer larger files at a faster rate than both NFC and Bluetooth and is also easy to configure and use as it works similarly to NFC.

kingzone-hotknot-smartwakeup-02As for its improving on user convenience, the company has implemented Smart Wake-up Functions on the K2 and N5 which allows users to conveniently and quickly activate certain apps or functions on the devices just by performing a specific gesture on the device’s screen. Some examples include drawing a “c” to unlock the Phone or Call function, drawing an “e” to activate the Gallery, an “m” to start the music app, a “v” to light up the torch, and a “z” to open up the browser.

kingzone-hotknot-smartwakeup-03As previously mentioned, both of these features are available on the company’s most recent release, the Kingzone K2 as well as the N5 which was released earlier this year.