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Upgraded Variant Of Helio X10 MT6795X Chipset Spotted, Could Make Entry Next Year

by Suhaib 1

MediaTek’s Helio X10 chipset, which was rumored to make entry this year with Xiaomi Note 3, is getting upgraded with GPU being the main focus of upgrade. MediaTek is reportedly working on an improved version of Helio X10 dubbed as Helio X12 which will hopefully debut next year.


It is speculated that MediaTek is working on Helio X12 with reference number MT6795X to take on the mid-range competition from Qaulcomm Snapdragon’s 600 series(618 / 620 and so on) and Samsung’s flagship Chipset Exynos 7422 which made entry this year with Samsung Galaxy S6.

Coming to Helio X12, it will manufactured based on TSMC’s HPC+ 28nm node with main goal to reduce the power consumption by 15%. Helio X12 will be having eight A53 cores clocked at 2.25 GHz maximum. It comes with an Imagination GX6250 graphics engine that will be clocking 750 MHz and will be supporting the new OpenCL 1.2, OpenGL 3.2 and Vulkan’s API enabling it to offer enhanced graphic effects.

Helio X12 will support dual channel LPDDR3 RAM modules clocking 933 MHz which is slightly on the downside as we already have seen LPDDR4 RAM modules. So it would have been awesome if Helio X12 would have come with LPDDR4 module support. But MediaTek has played this well by enabling it to support the latest eMMC 5.1 standard flash storage along with enhanced USB 3.1.

Helio X12 comes with dual ISP (Image Signal Processing) sensors supporting 21 MP camera with the addition of LTE CAT 6.0 standard modem.

Helio X12 when compared to Helio X10 offers better performance and lowers battery consumption. It is rumored that this new chipset will be making its debut with an upgraded version of Xiaomi Redmi Note 3. Only time will tell the truth but it is already known that MediaTek’s Helio powered smartphones are coming next year. So its better to wait and watch.

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  • Lazar Prodanovic

    Not much of an upgrade… Based on same lithography & same routing libs & lv it won’t offer any efficiency increase (neither better performance nor power consumption) on cpu front. The Power VR Rogue GSX 6250 will be more efficient as it’s power optimized GS 6200 design but then again MTK is pushing clocks higher so you again won’t get better battery life besides without more RAM bandwidth (DPDD4) it won’t gain much on performance. Just to remind everyone that original X10 should have come with this GPU but they didn’t managed to do it. In the end X12 is what X10 should have been in the first place & doesn’t represent much of a upgrade in any way. Comparing this to S620 or even more Exunos 7 is let’s just say funny.