ZOPO Teases Color S Smartphone, Will Feature New Design and Android 6.0

by Martin 0

ZOPO has once again teased their upcoming Color S smartphone through the company’s Instagram account. This time the company teased and announced that the new device will be unveiled sometime in early January.

zopo-color-s-teased-02The company also said that they’ve decided to redesign the Color S as well as update its features and specifications including upping the device’s operating system to Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Looking at the picture posted by the company, the Color S will feature several color options including white, blue, pink, and black. The company previously showed off the blue and white variants of the Color S when they first teased the upcoming device.

We’ll just have to wait for January to see what ZOPO has in store for the Color S and whether the upcoming device will be positioned as the company’s next mid-range or high-end flagship device.