Cubot Shows Off Production of Zinc-Titanium Plate for Their Smartphones

by Martin 1

In a video published on the company’s YouTube channel, Cubot shows off the “artistic journey” of creating one of the zinc-titanium plates used for their smartphones starting from molding to the final step of anti-oxidation before assembling the smartphone itself.

The video shows off the steps taken to create one of the zinc-titanium plates starting from the preliminary molding of the plate and cutting off the excess parts then on to the metal strengthening process, cutting of the antenna interface, the injection process, screw hole drilling, the famous CNC process, sand blasting, electroplating, and the final step of anti-oxidation.

While most of the steps are done automatically by a machines, some are done with the help of workers. It’s really interesting to see a glimpse of the process of building smartphones and shows that a lot really goes into creating one.