Cubot Extends Reach into African Market

by Martin 0

Cubot has been slowly extending its reach beyond China for the past year and recently the company has extended its reach into the African market in partnership with Kilimall, the second largest e-commerce platform in Kenya.

cubot-kilimall-africa-01Kilimall, apart from being the second largest e-commerce platform in Kenya, also serves the territories of Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, and Tanzania which increases the reach of Cubot into the region even more. At the moment, the company has made its Cubot X9, X15, P11, and X9 smartphones available in the region through Kilimall but should release more devices in the region in the future.

To deepen its partnership with Kilimall, Cubot has also assembled a whole brand team in the region which includes operations, marketing, after sales service, warehouse, and logistics. The team currently consists of a total of 30 members. The warehouse and maintenance divisions will be located at the Viraj Complex in Nairobi, Kenya, which will supply professional service for Cubot’s products in the region.