UMI Launches “Make a Wish” Promotion, Puts Products on Sale

by Martin 1

UMI has decided to treat its fans during this holiday season with a new promotion in partnership with Amazon that will not only help them with their Christmas shopping but also give them a chance to receive their chosen gift from UMI.

umi-amazon-makeawish-promotion-sale-01During the promotion, which runs from December 14 to December 18, interested buyers will be able to purchase the UMI Iron, Iron Pro, eMax, eMax Mini, DV series earphones, and the Voix Blu headphones at discounted prices through Amazon. Here’s the list of products on sale, their original price, and their discounted prices:

UMI Iron – Before: 215.99€, Now: 169.99€

UMI Iron Pro – Before: 219.99€, Now: 179.99€.

UMI eMax – Before: 161.99€, Now: 149.99€

UMI eMax Mini – Before: 189.99€, Now: 159.99€

UMI DV110 – Before: 14.99€, Now: 11.99€

UMI DV100 – Before: 14.99€, Now: 10.99€

UMI DV550 – Before: 39.99€, Now: 23.99€

UMI Voix Blu – Before: 45.99€, Now: 29.99€.

All the devices are discounted at around 40% off and according to UMI, customers will receive their orders within 48 hours from purchasing with free shipping from Europe. All the products will also include gift boxes making them easier to prepare as gifts for your loved ones.

The company is also launching its “Make a Wish” promotion at the same time as the sale in cooperation with 6 different websites, the UMI Facebook page, and the UMI Community website where fans can get a chance to get the gift that they want from UMI. Users will only need to go to the relevant page or posts in the participating websites and social media pages and follow the instructions which include commenting which item from the sale they want to receive from UMI as a gift. The winner of the promotion will be chosen and announced on the 18th.