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Bluboo and DS Automobiles to Collaborate on New Products

by Martin 7

One of China’s biggest smartphone brands, Bluboo, and one of the world’s most premium car brands, DS Automobiles, may be working together to release new co-designed products into the market.

bluboo-dsautomobiles-partnership-01Bluboo was recently invited to the 2016 Shenzen Auto Show in Shenzen, China, by DS Automobile which is the French car manufacturer’s first auto show in the country. The auto show will see the top international car brands as well as top brands in other industries who are seeking to enter the Chinese market.

bluboo-dsautomobiles-partnership-02Bluboo and DS Automobiles could be working on a DS Automobiles-branded luxury smartphone similar to the ones produced by Porsche Design and Blackberry as the former recently teased a new smartphone called the Picasso which, based on the teaser video, could be co-designed with DS Automobiles.

The companies could also be planning to officially unveil the Picasso during the auto show next year. As to whether or not the companies plan to collaborate on other products together is unsure so we’ll just have to see how this new partnership develops as the new year comes.

bluboo-dsautomobiles-partnership-03 bluboo-dsautomobiles-partnership-04


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  • Muhammad Yasir


    • Dante

      you brat, you think a 20k luxury vertu bentley , or 4k blackberry porsche design / other luxury phones are cheap ? this one will be made under the ds automobiles brand , with the design in mind , look muhammad , you have been on these forums for exactly 1 year , but i havent seen a single change in your comportament , Its like you never read an article and go to the comment section a” thsi better b cheap , Cheep , Cheep , Cheep , bpah blah cheap , blah blah too expensive ” im sure you learned a lot but think about it again

      • Muhammad Yasir

        how about you go work out your PERSONAL differences and conflicts with your wife/girl-friend instead of venting all the frustration from those shenanigans HERE on a public forum …

        • Dante

          lol , that aint frustration mate , just a remark , most of my comments are sometimes pure sarcasm , No offense mate but you seemed more frustrated by my comment … 😛

          • Muhammad Yasir

            well , you seemed more pissed off by my “good phones for cheap” Campaign…
            i thought you might be in a fix.

            care to read your comment again 🙂 ?

          • Dante

            Good phones for cheap is pretty good campaign but people need to understand that there are different price brackets and manufacturers , and they need to consider the older devices ( with the scopes that the mann’s have when they release a device)

  • Mezz

    “”” One of China’s biggest smartphone brands, Bluboo, and one of the world’s most premium car brands, DS Automobiles. “””