Lenovo And Google To Officially Announce Project Tango On January 7 At CES

by Suhaib 1

CES 2016 is just around the corner with eyes set on the one of the first and mega electronic shows kickstarting 2016. Every year people hope for witnessing some of the best and incredible technology marvels in the world.

Project Tango, a project that first appeared in 2014, is a smartphone which uses dual rear mounted cameras out of which one is a motion sensor camera which measures and maps the 3D space around it. It is an impressive project but we have not heard much about it in the last few months.

project tango

It will enable the user to find out his precise location in a 3D world which include indoors 3D mapping and move using the dual camera setup on the smartphone or the tablet.

A new teaser has been released by Lenovo in collaboration with Google which indicates that Project Tango will be officially announced on January 7 at the upcoming CES.

Google made 200 Project Tango smartphones but they were not released for public use. The setup for a Project Tango smartphone uses a 4 MP rear camera, 180 degrees Fish-Eye lens, a front facing camera having 120 degrees field of vision and a depth camera shooting in 180 x 320 pixels.

Project Tango is a revolutionary technology and will greatly help blind people to move freely with 3D mapping the locations around them in the real time.

With Lenovo collaborating this project we can expect Lenovo to launch a smartphone using the Project Tango technology in the near future.

Let’s wait and see what this collaboration amounts to this Thursday.

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