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Nubia Launches Global Website at CES 2016

by Martin 6

It looks like the announcement from Nubia people have been waiting for is here. The company has just announced the launch of their global website at CES 2016. The company previously teased the announcement although did not completely reveal whether they were announcing a new device or the launch of the global website but now it’s been confirmed and aligns with the company’s purchase of the domain for their global website,, for a whopping $2 million late last year.

nubia-globalwebsite-launch-01The new global website is part of the company’s plans to expand further into more international markets including Latin America and Europe as well as Southeast Asia. The website is currently viewable in English, Chinese, and Spanish but we assume that more languages will be added in the coming months to accommodate viewers from more territories. The company also plans to launch an official online store in the coming months which will allow customers from territories like Europe to purchase Nubia’s devices online.

Nubia is a sub-brand of ZTE, one of China’s biggest smartphone brands. Nubia products are currently available in China, North America, South America, Northern Europe, Russia, parts of Southeast Asia, and India. The company is currently showcasing their Z9 line of flagship smartphones at CES 2016.

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  • jimberkas

    nice phones, but expensive.
    waiting for an announcement of a US version of the Zuk Z1 or Z2, though I’m expecting the Z2 to be significantly more expensive

  • Muhammad Yasir

    they need to make phones for budget market too !

    • James

      Why? ZTE make plenty of budget phones – the Nubia sub-brand is specifically for the medium to high end premium market.
      Have a look at something like the ZTE V5 3 PRO/Exclusive.

      • Muhammad Yasir

        but nubia is just epic , who wouldn’t love to own a well priced nubia with the superb aesthetics on display … would it kill them to think about sub $180 segment ?

        • James

          have you actually looked at the ZTE V5 3 – that is what it is – it has nubia UI too if I remember correctly, so it’s all nubia, apart from the name on the back of the shell (oh, and the glow ring/breathe light is blue instead of red). or do you need a phone that says nubia on the back? 😉

          • Muhammad Yasir

            ZTE V5 3 , last i heard , was a china only phone or had problems with other bands , a/c to a knowledgeable peer.
            in a nutshell , it performs worse than a nubia.

            im a sucker for looks but won’t buy anything thats weak under the hood.