New Huawei Flagship Benchmark Scores Leaked

by Martin 0

Huawei is definitely one of the smartphone manufacturers to watch out for this year and today benchmark scores of a yet unknown Huawei smartphone have been spotted on the GeekBench database and leaked online. Could it be a new Honor model or the P9?

huawei-mate-8-specs-leaked-02According to the leaked benchmark scores, the new Huawei smartphone will feature the company’s latest Kirin 950 processor, 4GB of RAM, and Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Huawei has yet to announce a new smartphone featuring its Kirin 950 processor since the Mate 8 late last year. It also looks like 4GB of RAM will be the new standard in flagship smartphones for 2016.

huawei-unknown-flagship-geekbench-leaked-01The unknown Huawei smartphone was able to obtain a single-core score of 1913 and a multi-core score of 6870 both of which are a lot higher than previous Kirin 950 scores obtained from the Mate 8 which scored only a little over 1700 and 6200. This could mean that Huawei has found a way to optimize their Kirin 950 processor further which also means we might not have seen the full potential of Huawei’s latest processor.

Whether this unknown smartphone is a new Honor model or the P9, which is expected to release in April, the new smartphone is something to look out for if these benchmark scores are anything to go by.

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