Unknown Smartwatch Picture Leaked, Could Be Next-Gen Apple Watch 2

by Martin 0

A picture of an unknown smartwatch has been leaked and from the looks of it, the wearable could either be next-generation Apple Watch 2 smartwatch or just something that bares a lot of resemblance to Apple’s products.

unknown-smartwatch-apple-watch-01Looking at the device in the leaked picture, it bears a lot of design similarities to the Apple Watch including the singular button and crown on its side as well as the detachable strap. The biggest difference between the two is that the watch in the leaked picture features a round face and body instead of the square one on the original Apple Watch.

The display of the smartwatch in the picture is activated so we can also see its interface which looks quite similar to the Apple Watch’s interface except for the fact that it’s being displayed on a circular screen. There’s also what looks like an on-screen home button at the bottom of the display which is something you won’t find on the original Apple Watch contributing to the notion that this device might not be from Apple.

Whether this unknown smartwatch is the Apple Watch 2 or just a wearable from another manufacturer, it does look quite interesting so it’s definitely something we’ll be watching out for.