Huawei Shipped More Than 40% Of Its 109 Million Smartphone Units Internationally

by Joel 0

According to the latest information from a Chinese analyst, Huawei shipped more than 40% of its smartphones outside of the domestic market. That’s quite an impressive figure considering that the company managed to ship more than 100 million units in 2015 alone.


Huawei reportedly sold a total of 109.015 million units last year, with an annual growth rate of nearly 45%. Out of these, 63 million smartphones were shipped domestically in China, which comes to around 58%. The rest 42% of phones were shipped outside the country.

Even with such impressive figures, both domestically and globally, the company hasn’t managed to take the top spot in China. During a recent event, Xiaomi’s President had revealed that it shipped over 70 million smartphones last year, which was lower than the initial target of 80 million but still, it was the first in the country. So, it looks like Xiaomi has sold over 63 million phones in the domestic market. It looks like the company meant that its still first in terms of market share in China for the year 2015.

Although a win inside of China, Xiaomi has a long way to catch up with Huawei. The latter has a very strong presence internationally, and with its entry into the US market with products such as the Honor 5X and the Huawei Mate 8, we can expect Huawei to ship more units this year. So, it won’t be easy to close the gap between the two companies which is currently over 30 million units.

So, do you think Xiaomi can close in the lead secured by Huawei last year?