Aiwear Unveils G1 Smart Glasses

by Martin 0

A technology company from Shenzhen, China, called Aiwear has unveiled today a new pair of smart glasses simply called the G1.

aiwear-g1-smartglasses-unveiled-01According to the company, the G1 features Bluetooth connectivity, an 8MP high-definition camera, a 720p autofocus camera, anti-shake technology, voice control, and more. The glasses themselves are said to be made from aluminum-magnesium alloy designed by one of China’s top design teams to give it a high-end sport design. The company also released a couple of renders of the G1 showing off its expected design revealing just how the smart glasses will look.


Aiwear did not reveal much else about the G1 including the rest of its specifications, features, release date, and price. Not many companies are getting into the smart glasses arena with larger companies like Google noticeably struggling to get their product into the mainstream market so it’s a bit surprising that Aiwear has decided to design and manufacture smart glasses. We’ll just have to see what the company has planned for the G1 to make it appealing to the general consumer.