The Ulefone Power Comes With Several Fingerprint ID Features

by Martin 0

The Ulefone Power is known to have one of the biggest batteries that can be found on a smartphone in the current market. Its 6050mAh battery gives it an impressive battery life that can last for days of heavy use. But its large battery isn’t the Power’s only notable feature as the company has also built-in several special functions that utilize the device’s rear-mounted fingerprint sensor and the company has published a video showcasing some of these special features.

After setting up your fingerprints on the Ulefone Power, you’ll then be able to setup and assign specific fingerprints to the special features which include the ability to open the camera and take quick pictures just by using the fingerprint sensor. Other special functions that can be assigned to specific fingerprints include the ability open and reply to messages on WeChat or opening other social media apps such as Facebook or Weibo.

It goes without saying that the fingerprint sensor also improves the security and privacy of the Ulefone Power by protecting your phone’s contents using your fingerprints.

While the pre-sale of the Ulefone Power has just recently ended it can still be purchased through several online retailers such as and for around USD179.99.