Cubot Note S vs Huawei P6s

by Martin 1

Cubot just launched the large-screened Note S smartphone earlier this week and here we compare it to another smartphone in the same category, the Huawei P6s.


First off, the Huawei P6s features a more blocky design which mostly resembles the iPhone 5s except for its rounded bottom edge. On the other hand, the Cubot Nose S features a softer design with rounded corners and edges as well as a curved edge back cover. It also features a panel of 2.5D curved glass on top of the display. The P6s comes in either white, black, or pink while the Note S is available in matte black, pearl white, and champagne gold.


The Note S comes with a larger 5.5-inch display compared to the 4.7-inch screen on the P6s. Both display have their resolutions set to 1280 x 720 pixels so the P6s has a slight advantage in sharpness with its higher pixel density of 312ppi compared to the 267ppi of the Note S.


Both the Note S and the P6s are equipped with 8-megapixel and 5-megapixel shooters making them pretty equal in this category.

Processor and RAM

Both devices feature quad-core processors with the Note S’s MediaTek MTK6580 chipset and the P6s’s Huawei processor but the chipset from Huawei has a slight advantage with its higher clock speed of 1.6GHz compared to the 1.3GHz of the MediaTek chip. Both devices are equipped with 2GB of RAM so they’re equal in that regard.

Battery and Storage

This is where the Cubot Note S shines over the Huawei P6s as it is equipped with a significantly larger 4150mAh battery while the P6s only features a 2000mAh battery. As for their storage, both come with 16GB of storage but the Cubot Note S supports expandable storage via micro SD card while the P6s has no storage expandability options.


While most of the specifications and features of the Cubot Note S and the Huawei P6s are identical, the Note S comes with several features that give it a significant advantage over the P6s including its display size and battery life. The Cubot Note S is also noticeably cheaper with a price tag of only $79.99 over at while the P6s is still priced around $200.