Xiaomi Releasing a Windows 10 Version of the Mi 5

by Martin 0

It looks like there may be some life left in Microsoft’s Windows 10 Mobile operating system as Xiaomi, one of the biggest smartphone manufacturers in the world, may be releasing a Windows 10 variant of their upcoming flagship smartphone, the Mi 5.

xiaomi-mi5-windows-variant-01The company hinted at the possibility of a Mi 5 variant touting Windows 10 Mobile on their Weibo page soon after announcing their new and upcoming Xiaomi Mi Pad which also runs Windows 10 Mobile. We previously reported the rumor on this and it’s looking like that rumor has been confirmed.

xiaomi-mi5-windows-variant-02If there is going to be a Windows 10 Mobile variant of the Mi 5 then the rumor that Xiaomi is planning to unveil just the Mi 5 at their February 24 conference may also be true as the company may end up revealing up to four variants of the Mi 5 as it’s already been confirmed that there will be two variants of the Mi 5 with different hardware and now we know that there will also be two software variants of the upcoming flagship device.

This new development makes Xiaomi’s February 24 conference all the more exciting now that there’s more to look forward to. We’re also looking forward to finding out the prices of the different Mi 5 variants to see if the Android or Windows 10 Mobile variants will be priced differently. We’ll just have to wait and see.