Can Oppo & Vivo Take On the Top Smartphone Brands in China this Year?

by Suhaib 5

In recent times Oppo and Vivo have both soared through popularity charts and in coming days will be eyeing international markets, much like Huawei and Xiaomi. Even Apple has been doing well in the country with iPhones sales in good shape. But as the market saturates in the top-tier cities, companies like Vivo and Oppo could give some competition to the mighty Apple.


According to Reuters, Oppo and Vivo have strong ties to local lower-tier cities in China where most of the smartphone savvy generation are located. In other capital cities of China, the smartphone market is kind of saturated but these lower-tier cities offer a lot of room for smartphone makers to sell their handsets, accounting for 56% of smartphone sales in China.

In recent times, due to economic slowdowns and market saturation these lower-tier cities have emerged as the smartphone battleground in China where brands are competing to get an upper hand. And when it comes to Oppo and Vivo they have strong retail networks in these cities. Moreover, the marketing tactics used by these two companies are more Chinese consumer oriented as compared to international players such as Samsung.

Buyers in lower-tier cities are more attracted to cheaper smartphones with high-end features which give local players like Oppo and Vivo an upper hand over Apple and other brands like Samsung which are not yet able to launch any smartphone of that sort. Both Oppo and Vivo have been praised for their smartphone design and hardware and hence, it could take on the mighty Apple in the country.

Oppo and Vivo have already defeated Samsung and ZTE, another local player in terms of smartphone sales. Now their eyes are set on Huawei, Xiaomi and Lenovo which makes this entire scenario a little more interesting. Overall buyers will be getting the advantage of this cut-throat competition and will be able to get feature rich phones without burning holes in their pockets.

So, what do you think? Can these two smartphone brands take on the mighty Apple in China?