Designer Creates Concept ASUS Extreme Gaming Smartphone

by Martin 1

A concept smartphone designer who calls himself Hege has published a new concept smartphone designed for extreme gamers.

1. Z2 Poseidon - IntroductionCalled the ASUS Z2 POSEIDON, Hege’s concept includes putting a rather innovative cooling system into the device which utilizes a Fujitsu Loop Heat Pipe as well as a built-in Air Cooling System which naturally pushes heat away from the battery and the components and through the heat pipes through the middle of the device as well as on the sides of the device ultimately being ejected out through the holes placed on each side of the device.

2. Z2 Poseidon - All 3 ModelsWhy the need for such as complicated cooling system? Because according to Hege, the Z2 POSEIDON will feature Intel’s future generation processor which he says will come out in 2017, 6GB of RAM, a giant 6000mAh battery, and a 6-inch Quad HD resolution display. He also says the concept phone will feature 256GB of internal storage, Corning Gorilla Glass 5, Android 7.0, four front-facing speakers, a 16-megapixel rear camera with laser auto-focus and dual LED flash, a 5-megapixel front-facing camera with a single LED flash, a USB Type-C port, and dual SIM slots.

3. Z2 Poseidon - All 6 Back CoversHege also says the Z2 POSEIDON would come in three different models in six different colors with three coming in Anodized Aluminum while the other three will be made with Brushed Aluminum with Engraved Logos.

Whether his design and concept for the Z2 POSEIDON is even plausible technologically is unknown but it’s nice to see people coming out with their own ideas for smartphones. Hege says that while his designs are purely for his own enjoyment he hopes they eventually become noticed by companies like ASUS and that these companies see the potential in his designs.

More information on Hege’s ASUS Z2 POSEIDON concept smartphone as well as his other concept smartphones can be found on his website.

4. Z2 Poseidon - Presentation 5. Z2 Poseidon - Cooling System 6. Z2 Poseidon - Screen ON 7. Z2 Poseidon - Game On 1 8. Z2 Poseidon - Game On 2 9. Z2 Poseidon - Specification