Huawei Has Shipped Over 10 Million P8 Lite Units Worldwide

by Martin 0

It looks like Huawei’s P8 series, which it released last year, is doing really well as the company announced today that they’ve shipped over 10 million units of their P8 Lite worldwide making it the second of the company’s smartphones to exceed that number.

huawei-p8lite-shipments-01Furthermore, Huawei has shipped over 16 million units of the whole P8 series which includes the standard P8, the aforementioned P8 Lite, and the large-screened P8 Max, with the P8 Lite accounting for at least 60% of the P8 series shipments. Additionally, the P8 Lite accounted for almost 10% of the company’s 108 million total smartphone shipments in 2015.

While units shipped isn’t the same as units sold, it is a good measure of how much demand there is for a particular device or how much confidence a company has that the product will sell.

Additionally, the P8 Lite is the first of Huawei’s smartphones to achieve higher sales in global markets than in China which is a notable achievement given that company’s like Huawei or Xiaomi typically mainly launch their devices in China which is their primary market.