Xiaomi Is Coming Out With a Drone that Follows You Around

by Martin 0

Drones are currently the biggest thing in the technology community these days due to the technology’s almost infinite number of possible applications and it looks like Xiaomi may be getting into the drone game and may show off its first drone this year at the 2016 Mobile World Congress later this month.

xiaomi-drone-patent-follow-01According to recently published patent documents from the Chinese Intellectual Property Office, which Xiaomi applied for last year, the drone the company is working on will feature a four axis design like many of today’s drones as well as a built-in camera.

The patent documents also reveal that the drone may be controlled using gestures when a wearable like Xiaomi’s Mi Band is worn. As seen in the images from the documents, users may be able to connect their Xiaomi drones with the Xiaomi Mi Band and control it using simple gestures such as the flick of a wrist.

xiaomi-drone-patent-follow-02The Xiaomi drone may also come with a follow feature that, after a gesture command, will make the drone follow you around and record videos or take pictures. The Xiaomi may drone may even adjust the to the elevation and incline of the ground it is flying above.

The company may be unveiling this new product at the 2016 World Mobile Congress this year maybe along with a new wearable.