Samsung Unveils New 14nm Exynos Processor for Mid-range Devices

by Martin 0

It’s less than a week until the annual Mobile World Congress but Samsung has decided to start making announcements early as the company has just revealed a new 14nm Exynos processor that’s designed for mid-range devices.

samsung-exynos-7-octa-7870The new processor, the Octa 7870, is part of Samsung’s Exynos 7 series of 14-nanometer FinFET process technology chips, the company’s most advanced process to date. The new processor is rumored to make its way into the company’s upcoming mid-range smartphone, a refreshed version of the Galaxy J7. The new smartphone is rumored to be officially unveiled and launched within the next few months.

Other devices scheduled for release this year could also feature the new processor but since Samsung’s Exynos line of processors rarely make it to devices outside of Samsung’s own then it should be safe to expect that the Galaxy J7 won’t be the only mid-range device that Samsung plans to release this year.