OPPO Announcing New Charging Technology at MWC 2016

by Martin 0

There’s only a couple of days left until the start of the annual Mobile World Congress and it looks like we may now know what OPPO is announcing at their press conference at the expo.

oppo-mwc2016-teaser-poster-01According to reports, OPPO is planning to unveil the next-generation of its popular VOOC charging technology. Originally, VOOC charging was all about being able to charge the phone as much as possible in the shortest time possible. OPPO devices with VOOC could be charged for only five minutes and have enough battery for a two hour call.

Well this year at MWC 2016, OPPO could be introducing a new technology to bring VOOC to a whole new level, wireless VOOC flash charging. With the new technology smartphones will be able to charge at the same speed as VOOC but without the need for cables. The device only needs to be placed on a wireless charging board.

No actual details on the new technology has been revealed or whether or not OPPO actually is revealing this new technology at MWC 2016 so we’ll just have to wait for the company’s officially press conference on January 23 to find out and confirm what OPPO really has in store for its fans this year.