Kyocera Teases Solar Powered Prototype Smartphone

by Suhaib 1

Mobile World Congress is going on in full swing and keeping up with the pace, Kyocera technologies have teased a new prototype smartphone that comes with Solar Charging support built in. This smartphones is said to be designed for the people who love the outdoors.


The prototype smartphone manufactured by Kyocera in association with SunPartner Technologies features a 5-inch display and was running a forked version of Android. Keeping this prototype smartphone in sunlight for 3 minutes offers talk time of 1 minute. At the moment, no other details about the specifications and features of this smartphone have been revealed.

Kyocera has also developed an app for keeping a check on charging, which informs users about the charging status from “Excellent” to “Not Charging”.

A Sunpartner representative informed that this solar charged prototype smartphone can last much longer while web browsing as compared to when you used for calling purposes.

At the moment, there has been no official statement or word from Kyocera regarding when they will be launching this smartphone. As of now the only thing known is that the manufacturer is testing different things before commercial availability.

So, what do you think? Could displays with solar charging capabilities end up in a regular smartphone in the coming years?