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ZOPO Speed 8 With MediaTek Helio X20 Benchmark Scores Revealed

by Martin 4

This week at the 2016 Mobile World Congress Chinese manufacturer ZOPO launched the Speed 8, the first smartphone to feature MediaTek’s latest Helio X20 MT6797 processor which is the first mass-produced deca-core mobile processor in the market. And today, benchmark scores of the Speed 8 have been spotted on the GeekBench database.

zopo-speed8-heliox20-benchmark-01According to the results, the Helio X20 in the Speed 8 was able to obtain a score of 76,266 which is generally acceptable but when compared to the Snapdragon 650, a hexa-core processor, it is quite disappointing as the 650 was able to obtain a higher score of 78,979.

zopo-speed8-heliox20-benchmark-02But when the Helio X20 was previously benchmarked, it was able to obtain as score of 85,632 meaning that the lower score obtained by the test using the Speed 8 could just be due to bad optimization which is expected as the X20 is the first deca-core processor in the market.

zopo-speed8-heliox20-benchmark-03This means, that the Helio X20’s maximum performance has yet to be revealed. We’ll have to wait until smartphone manufacturers, software developers, and even benchmark software are able to fully utilize the new processor’s capabilities to find out how well it truly performs.

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  • Sock

    Don’t care for benchmarks anyway! 😉

  • roni24

    sd650 has 2xA72 just like helio x20, so they are almost the same.
    the only thing is the tri-cluster that maybe save you battery

    so companies should not over price their phones, or people will just chose sd650/sd652

  • JudikJ7

    Nearly half of what SD820 can do
    But benchmarks aren’t real life situations so don’t take it seriously

    • Roberto Tomás

      The 820’s performance is impressive, but it fades from use (heat) just like the 810, if the galaxy s7 is anything to go by (94k on 2nd run). There is some hope that when proper drivers are available,all the cores will be able to participate and the x20 will score somewhere north of 85k.