Smartphones From Huawei, Xiaomi & Vivo Will Be Flaunting Edge Displays Soon

by Suhaib 0

Last year, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge started a new trend of Edge displays in smartphones. And looks like the trend is now going to spread to other manufacturers. According to recent news, Chinese device makers including key players like Xiaomi, Huawei and Vivo will be using Edge displays in their upcoming devices.


We have already reported that Vivo is soon going to launch a new smartphone that goes by the name of Vivo Xplay 5 which flaunts dual Edge display.

Starting this year, news started to emerge that Vivo, Huawei and Xiaomi has contacted Samsung Display and will soon be making new products. This comes in the wake of Samsung Edge display smartphones being sold in China which prompted local manufacturers to step foot in this Edge Display technology. Samsung Galaxy lineup’s growth has been quite stagnant for some time whereas Chinese manufacturers are growing at a rapid rate. Such a tie-up could further boost the sales of these Chinese smartphone makers.

Remember the Xiaomi Arch Curved edge display concept? Now it could be a reality.