BlitzWolf VR Glasses With Bluetooth Control Up For Pre-Order Starting $26.99

by Suhaib 0

Blitzwolf VR Glasses with Bluetooth control are up for pre-order from online retailer Banggood is offering some discounts as well on pre-ordering the virtual reality headset.


The discounts are:

Preorder Discount Before 300th Orders
$26.99 1-50th orders
$28.99 51-150th orders
$30.99 151-300th orders
Normal Price: $32.99

So you will have to hurry up for getting maximum discount on these virtual reality headset. Blitzwolf VR headset is compatible with all the Android smartphones from almost all brands and iOS devices as well whose display size is between 3.5-inches to 6.0-inches.

As for the Blitzwolf VR glasses, it is manufactured using 8 layer nano coating, HD optical resin lenses and strong and durable AB shell.

Soft and polished artificial leather material is used for around the eyes area making it all the way more comfortable to wear while watching movies and playing your favorite games.

Using these VR glasses you can experience giant screen 3D movies, immersion 3D games, 360 degree panoramic videos and 360 degree panoramic scene roaming.