Is Xiaomi drone coming soon?

by Dimitris Economou 0

Drone market is one of the rising markets (remember the drone shipping method that Amazon wants to implement?) along with VR and wearables and Xiaomi is definitely one of the companies we expect to make its moves. Since now, only speculations were made about an upcoming drone manufactured by Xiaomi, but now there is proof. Well, kind of.


Xiaomi Community Forums is where all the Xiaomi fans meet to discuss current and future devices, solve software issues etc. On these forums, a new section made its appearance and, as you can imagine, it’s called “Drones”.


Xiaomi fans have gone wild with the new category as they are convinced that since a section called “Drones” has appeared, there will soon be a product by Xiaomi.

Last month, Xiaomi staff member Yang stated that Xiaomi was indeed working on a drone, but the launch won’t be anytime soon. Now, with a new category on the forums, can we expect a launch in the next few weeks?