Mysterious Xiaomi device caught on photo, what could it be?

by Dimitris Economou 4

Today, Xiaomi made another big product announcement, the Xiaomi Mi TV 3S and Xiaomi Mi TV 3S. After the  event that took place, as always, an open press room was set up for the bloggers and journalists to see in person the new TVs Xiaomi had just announced.

Right there, among others was a beautiful woman, holding her two smartphones and… a mysterious box with Xiaomi trademarks printed on it along with a “no photos allowed” sign. Judging from the photos, this is a packaging larger than any other Xiaomi device, e.g. like Mi Pad. So, could this be the rumored Xioami Notebook?

Xiaomi box

Xiaomi Smart Home market Director has announced that for three consecutive days (March,  21-23) the company will unveil three new smart home devices and many users guess that this mystery box is the next gen Smart Home Kit of Xiaomi.

Xiaomi box3

Xiaomi box